Discover the most famous sightseeing cities as Kyoto and Nara.
Some places are listed in the World Heritage.
You can enjoy must-see sights in Kyoto and Nara in whole day.
You will visit Todai-ji Temple & Kofuku-ji temple in Nara. Also we will go to Kiyomizu temple , Kodai-ji temple, Yasaka Shrine, and Gion District in Kyoto.

1. English Speaking guide will attend you.
2. Visiting Kyoto and Nara only one day!

●Meeting Point:
In front of Nippon Travel Agency in Kyoto station
(Karasuma exit, Grand floor)
8:20AM ( Departure time 8:30 AM)

Tour Operation:Daily
(Except JAN 1st- JAN 3rd)
Visits:Todai-ji temple, Nara Park, Kofuku-ji Temple,
Kiyomizu temple, Kodai-ji temple, Yasaka shrine, Gion District
Duration:approx. 9.5 hours.
Req. to Run Tour:1 guest(s)
Customer Service:Certificated Tour Guide.
Customer Service Language:English, Japanese
Tour Operation : Nippon Travel Agency

1. 8:30 am Depart from meeting point at Kyoto Station
(In front of Nippon Travel Agency)
Please come to 10 min before

↓ Using Kintetsu train

2.Todaiji Temple
・The temple has an enormous bronza buddah image within its Daibtsuden Hall,
one of the largest wooden structures in the world.

↓ Walking 10 min

3. Nara Park ( Deer Park )
・Walking among the 1,100 or so tame deer roaming about the park.
They are considered divine message.

↓ Walking 10 min

4. Kofukuji temple
・This temple was transferred from Kyoto in 710.
Its has a five-story pagoda, the secound highest in Japan

↓ Using Kintetsu train.

5 Kyoto station
Lunch break by your self. (40min~50min)

↓ Using public bus

6. Kiyomizu temple
・This architecturally unique temple has a main hall ona steep slope with a
wooden platform supported by pillars, from which a panoramic view of Kyoto
can be enjoyed.

↓ Walking 30 min

7. Kodaiji temple
・Temple commemorates Toyotomi Hidetyoshi, a great general in 16th century.
It was founded by his widow

↓ Walking 15min

8. Yasaka Shrine
・Well known as the central site for the Gion-Matsuri Festival, held in summer.

↓ Walking 10min

9. Gion District
・Gion is one of the famous entertainment and geisya quarters, with traditional
restaurants and tea-houses. In the Edo Period, ochaya ( Geisya House ) were
built in the this area. It still retains its traqul, old fashioned charm.

Tour finish at Gion District

・You will walk around 8.0km in total.
・Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operation.
・The time and order of itinerary may change due to weather and traffic condition
on the day.
・If any place is closed, we will try to attend alternative place.
・Lunch is not including the tour fee.

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