[Press Release] New hospitality service for Muslim tourists from Indonesia.

We, samurai travel cooperate with Wireless gate Inc. in order to make new service regarding wi-fi project. We are going to provide a communication network to Muslim tourists and make new application that has Mosque map, Halal information, pray time, tourist spots and so on. Also it provide advertisement, discount coupon, then we get bigdata of tourists about what do they want to do, where do they want to go; etc.

Samurai travel rent a special mobile devices that are SIM card, mobile phone to Muslim tourists who apply for Japan tourism packages that provide Garuda Indonesia, some Indonesian tourist companies and Samurai Travel Inc. during travel in Japan to use Wi-fi network of Wireless gate Inc throughout Japan.
In addition, this service will be get much information of a line of flow regarding tourists in Japan, Then we are planning to propose the best service more, after we will gather tourists information and use this bigdata.

We are going to make good services for tourists in Japan and removed stress and worried from them.

【Contact us regarding this service】
Samurai Travel Inc. IR division
WEB :http://samuraitravel.jp/

Wireless gate Inc. IR Division
WEB :https://www.wirelessgate.co.jp/

Press Release(Samurai Travel Inc.):PR_20160802_samurai
Press Release(Wireless gate Inc.):https://pdf.irpocket.com/C9419/xoy0/UJtq/qtgd.pdf

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